On eSports…

I just wanted to wrap up my blog posts with a prediction, albeit an obvious one to many people in this class. I believe eSports will be competing with ESPN’s most watched live sports matches in the next couple of decades. We can already see how far it has come in the last 15-20 years.

With the increasing popularity of all gaming it is inevitable that the popularity of spectating games will also increase. The more involved in gaming communities and the more appreciation the average person has for gaming will do nothing but add interest to the future stadium events. I also think the development of photorealistic graphics in gaming will help in breaking the industry through to the mainstream, as that is what the mainstream want. Beautiful action to spectate and teams to support.

I discuss this from personal experience. I understand how easy it is to begin a passion for eSports if you share a love for gaming and a love of the competitive sporting environment. About 4 years ago I bought Starcraft 2 and was absolutely awful, but I really loved the game. The depth of the development in the game, the micro-management and strategy required, and of course the beauty of the game. I haven’t played this game in years but I have streamed many pro matches. I found I could never really get the value out of a game I loved through playing it myself, as I wanted to see the potential for what someone could achieve in it. So eSports has been the perfect means for me to enjoy this great game, without investing serious amounts of time in developing the ability myself (As if I actually could). I believe this will be a common trend in the future leading to the increase in popularity of eSports.


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