Review: Throwing back then

I looked back to the first post for this course, I had a deep review toward those viewpoints that I made for video games and gamers. I do realize my attitude and views toward video games and gamers have changed throughout the process of this course. In my first post, I do make a relatively prejudiced judgment toward video game and gamers that I mentioned them as undesirable social group. But, I think I have the excuse for it as firstly, I never have immersed into any hardcore games. And secondly, I was just an “outsiders” who learn fragmented pieces of information from secondhand report materials, also failed to look at meanings of video games and controversies built around it in a comprehensive and coherent way.

Throughout time, I began to have sympathy toward video game industry and their consumers as I rarely find mass media out there that are accustomed to claim themselves neutral, offer impartial judgments and sensible description toward video games and gamers. The mainstream media continuous to devalued video game as only being a source of destruction threatening social well-being. It is true that video games caused addition and have the agency of violent. However, I think that mainstream media has been overweening and narrow-minded where most media materials including academic journals have coherently merely condemned video games and making biased judgments based on pre-constructed stereotype of gamers. I feel sorry for video games industry by some point in the way that if violence and addiction of kids are problems caused by video game, why there is rarely research on solution treating in response to that? For instance, someone from those mainstream media should address the issues with a neutral point of view and perhaps start working with school to teach kids the right attitude coping with this new exciting media form: video game. I think video games deserve more social respect and recognition. At least, media industry should view it without seeing it upon previous prejudiced judgments and continuously distort video games and gamers.

However, after this course has finished, I am still uncertain whether the mass popular culture has “othered” video game or the video game has other itself from the mainstream group due to its unique characteristics that distinct it away from others.


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