Video Games integrated into Urban Setting: Part Cuatro + course reflections

Today i want to bring your attention to Daan Roosegaarde who develops interactive technologies, particularly within landscapes and urban settings. His TED talk is as follows:

I am really intrigued in how video games, or games in nature, and how they are beginning to crossover into methods of design and interactiveness within not just Urban settings as my series suggests but on systemic level within the production and design of a society. The physical evolution of games amongst our everyday lives is a great way to take us from socializing and playing on pones and other devices to being able to interact with your surroundings directly and meet people amongst your community who would otherwise be strangers. This ‘ice-breaker’ could well be the thing disjunctive societies need in order to form a collective community that is so prominent on-line within the existing gaming community.

To summarize my experiences within this course- the role games have played, are playing and will play in future is staggering and to be deemed a cultural ‘other’ is no short of sheer ignorance. The representational and democratic substance behind new emerging platforms gives games the ability to act as a catalyst for change that, i believe, will be unprecedented.

Thanks to all the interesting topics raised by lecturer and students alike and hope to see you peeps around!

Stay safe


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