Week 6: Reflections

I admit I have been guilty of seeing video games as thing but leisurely entertainment and never thought of them as more than art until this paper. recently I now see it as so much more. I look at my experience with gaming from a different perspective now and see that it says a lot more about our world than you would think just from playing these games for ourselves.

If I had to write my first post again I would write about so many more of my experiences and in different ways because I now know so much more about what makes a gaming experience. My video game shelf is filled with so many experiences I could have touched on in that first post; failed experiments with game genres I’ve left to settle in dust and games previous to me that are worn from the hours and hours I’ve spent playing them.

Over these 6 weeks my feminist view of gaming has emerged again to defend the validity of female game, and I wonder if these views would have influenced how I expressed my gaming life in my first post. Should I have written in detail about how I loved the first Call Of Duty game? Possibly but these views hadn’t been brought to the forefront of my mind yet when I began writin these posts.

I love games and I will always love games, even when I’m a lot older and just playing the morning crosswords to ward of dementia. Everybody enjoys play in some form; whether it’s competitive, personal, real world or virtual everybody has experiences with play. I now know how much of my own I have and the place I hold in society for having these experiences.


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