In the past, I like to play some kind of little games to spend my leisure times. And at present, after six weeks study of the video game culture, I play the same kind of games as usual; but the difference is that now I can category myself into the casual gamers, and I know that the game type that I like is also the casual game, which is easier to learn and play aiming to attract more casual gamers’ attentions and always reflect positive emotions to unconsciously encourage people to keep playing. Before I started this course, I only regarded video games as the entertainment tool. However, after I read and listened each lesson, I found that the game world is a magical space, which includes various culture features, race and gender representations, some social issues and the technological developments. In this course, I realize that video game is not only an entertainment manner with complex design work, but also it is a reflection of culture. Because every game could transmit different messages or literally tell the specific perspectives to players. Besides, I know why players have tried many times but they still cannot win in the game, because those kind of games is the mode of ‘no ending’ and ‘no winning’.

Overall, I am so proud that I decide to enroll such an interesting course which could continuously stimulate my interests on the media filed, and it corrects some of my prejudices about video games, because everything has two-side effects – positive and negative and at most time it reflects many good viewpoints guiding us to understand the world in a different way.

Thanks Mark’s lectures!


Blog – Game world, the real life

When I first saw the title of the game – Every Day the Same Dream, I thought that it must be a kind of puzzle game that aims to challenge player’s logic. And after my first playing, I found that it is just a simple game, which could let gamers use arrow buttons to control the movements of a virtual character and press spacebar to make ‘him’ do something; and it seems that the purpose of this game might be to let people realize how a typical office worker’s life looks like.

However, during the second playing, I noticed the words which the elevator lady’s said – “5 more steps and you will be a new person”; hence, I continued to press the spacebar to see what would happened differently when the character get into a different scene and whether I could ‘be a new person’ in this round. Till to the moment when the character suddenly jumped off the rooftop, I was shocked and realized that a boring life might make a person depressed so that he would choose to end his life and get free. However, I asked myself, if he has a distinct way to live, will he be happy? So I decided to choose something different: letting ‘him’ do not wear clothes, leaving his car and walking to a farm to pet a cow, catching a falling leaf before work, and at last he was fired because he did not wear his tie. And the game screen faded to black again. This time, I had not let ‘him’ to be a new person, as the usual life was started again. At this moment, I felt so confused that whether the game just wants me to watch my character suicide and the ending must be the death, in order to let me understand how hard the future life is; but it might not be true, as I remembered that the elevator lady had said that there was only “one step” left to be a new person, when last time I played. So I tried to let ‘him’ do not go to the work and go back when ‘he’ arrived at the car park, then ‘he’ met a homeless stranger who took ‘him’ to a graveyard; and when I press spacebar again, the homeless man said he would take ‘him’ to a quiet world. And then, the game automatically shifted to the beginning scene without any fading scene, and I thought this time the game would show me a happy ending. Surprisingly, ‘he’ moved automatically, and there is nothing around him as usual: no colored TV, no wife, no elevator lady, no traffic, no boss, no colleagues; and finally when he arrived at the rooftop, there were another ‘him’ stood on the rooftop, but ‘he’ could not move forward to save another ‘him’, hence ‘he’ was forced to stand there and watched another ‘him’ jumped off the roof at last.

This game always makes me sad and confused, because this gameplay seems to portray a typical modern life – everyday, most people have to repeat the same routine of living and working, they do not have much free time to enjoy life, and they have to face many competitions which may make them stressful. However, if you try to choose another way to view this world or have a break, I believe you will feel differently and may find a fruitful manner to free yourself up for a better life, and the death is the worst way to solve any problem.

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