Elders’ Reaction on GTA V

Recently there is a popular video clip on YouTube showing elders who are not familiar with video gaming, playing Grand Theft Auto V. The clip has reached 7 million hits.  REACT ,the youtube channel that uploaded this clip, has indeed made similar videos to show how elders react with different games such as Mario and Call of Duty. Perhaps GTA appears to be too criminalizing and negative on different forms of media, the elders having fun on this new game becomes a catch to the online public.

Although the elders had a hard time figuring out how to use the controller, they soon enjoy the gaming realm, having fun stealing cars, bumping to people on sidewalks, or even beating or shooting people. It seems that video games like GTA is not really an issue of encouraging crime to them, but rather a game that helps people to relax and entertain themselves.

In an episode from television series Misfit, gamers are manifested as addictive criminal that cannot distinguish the difference between virtual world and reality. The episode seems have exaggerated the effect of immersion that the game could bring.

It is difficult to neglect the hypermediacy provided from the game, such as map, health or number of ammo appears on the gaming screen, can remind us about the mediation. There might be some people that want to steal a car or shooting people to have re-experience the excitement of the game in real life, but it seems such crimes will not likely happen on people have normal cognitive sense.

Shaping video gamers as a psychopath just stereotypes and worsens the image of gamers. Indeed, gamers can come from all walks of life: different countries, ages, race, sex and could be as normal as those elders who played the video game.


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