Games of Interest

These games are provided as they provide some interesting or different takes on videogames. Some are browser-based, and some need to be installed. I have provided some which are installable on Mac or Linux, but feel free to look yourself to see if you can find different ports for those that I have not provided.

Browser Games
I Fell In Love With The Majesty Of Colors:
Today I Die:
One Chance:
Oiche Mhaith: [Contains disturbing content]
The Visitor:
The Old Tree:
I Saw Her Standing There:
The Company of Myself:
Freedom Bridge:
Every Day The Same Dream:
The End of Us:

Game Demo files:!qdhmCDQI!SeS54lgsu8dWtvBscrgScA

Games on Steam
These games are available on the Steam system. While they are games that are available for purchase, there are free demos available through the system for each of these. (There were more of these, but several of the demos have since been removed).
The Stanley Parable:

Games for Download
Blues for Mittavinda:
The Longest Night:


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